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Welcome to Digital Goods Delivery

Sell downloads on your website and/or eBay with PayPal! allows publishers of "Digital Goods" (anything that can be delivered over the internet) the ability to sell their products on their websites and/or eBay with an easy-to-use automated system that will instantly and securely deliver your downloads to your paying customers, and only your paying customers.

Increase sales with the promise of instant delivery to your customers!
Our system will help you increase sales with the addition of impulse buys. When your customer learns that they can have instant satisfaction on their purchase, it can tip the balance between buying your product and not buying your product in your favor!
How it works, step by step: how our system works
  1. Your customer visits your website to browse your products and add them to their shopping cart. Alternatively, your customer may purchase your product through an eBay auction.
  2. The customer is sent to PayPal where they complete the purchase, sending the money directly from their PayPal account to your PayPal account.
  3. PayPal sends a copy of the transaction to us.
  4. We send an email to your customer with a website address and a password.
  5. Your customer visits your customized download site, hosted on our server, and downloads the products they have paid for!

Click here to get started!

You are up and running in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Create your products to sell
  2. Put HTML code that we will give you on to your website
  3. Setup IPN in your paypal account
  4. (optionally) customize your customer's experience.

Here is what your customer's will see, step-by-step:

  1. Your customer visits your website and adds one or more items to PayPal's built in shopping cart (comes free with every PayPal account)
  2. They pay for your products directly from their PayPal account to your's using their credit card, checking account, or existing PayPal account balance.
  3. Once payment is confirmed, they will receive an email with a web address and a password in order to login and download the products they paid for.
Test drive our system!

Click the "Buy Now" button below in order to create a test purchase for $0.01 which will let you see first hand what your buyer's will experience. I am sorry, but we can not process refunds on this purchase

Features of our system:

  • Instantly and securely delivers any digital products your customer's have paid for.
  • Inexpensive solution that requires no programming or complicated setups. It is compatible with any website, and is great for both beginners and experts alike!
  • Uses PayPal, an inexpensive payment processor. No expensive merchant accounts!
  • All that is required to sell is a product, a website, and a PayPal account!
  • You can sell your products on eBay!
  • You can sell both digital goods and physical goods. Our system will deliver the digital goods and ignore everything else.
  • Secure file storage on our systems. Only your paid customers will be able to download your products
  • Limit the number of times your customers can download your products using a smart system that will try to prevent people from sharing their passwords to download your products with others.
  • You can enter purchases that are completed outside of PayPal so that all of your customers can download their products using the same interface...all while keeping the same download restrictions on your files, so your files never have to leave protected storage.
  • You can have an unlimited number of files associated with each product you sell. Everytime you sell one of those products, each file you upload for that product will be delivered.
  • You have full customization over your buyer's experience, including customizing the delivery email that is sent to the buyer, and customizing the web pages the buyer will see when the login to download your products! You can put your own logos, slogans, buyer instructions, cross promote items, etc.
  • Helps to increase sales with the promise of instant delivery. This will help get those impulse buys!
  • Our system will automatically wait for eCheck transactions to clear before delivering your products.
  • You can sell ANY type of file: zip files, word documents, PDFs, images, MP3s, eBooks, movies, etc.
  • When each of your buyers downloads their purchase, you can create your own message that will be displayed to the buyer. You can list instructions, cross sell additional items, and/or thank them for their purchase
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